Technology Services
Private Label ServicesTMC Bonds builds customized desktop applications for registered investment professionals and the retail investor public. Private label offerings include both the Advisor Workstation and Client Investor Portal.

The Advisor Workstation offers an array of wealth management functionality for commissioned brokers, dually registered financial advisors (aka hybrids), and fee-only independent RIAs. This functionality includes:
  • Asset Gathering Proposals (Offerings Lists, Customer Portfolios/Proposals & Tax Loss Harvesting Analysis)
  • Best of Breed Third Party Sources (DPC Data, Interactive Data, Thomson Reuters )
  • Pre-Trade Analytics (Bond Ladders, Intraday/Historical Prices, Benchmark Spreads, Relative Value Charts, Research, and Search)
  • Price Discovery & Multi-Asset Class Composition (i-Scatter Yield Visuals, Basket Trading)
  • Pre-Trade Compliance & Regulatory Vetting (using EMMA, MSRB and TRACE data)
Advisor’s fixed income orders—either single or multiple cross asset—can either be routed to (i) TMC Bonds’ marketplace for auto execution or (ii) a firm’s fixed income traders for "review & release".  Clearing brokers can have orders routed to them in the absence of a correspondent’s own trading desk.

For more sophisticated implementations, TMC Bonds works with our clients to:
  • link to their Rules Engines (e.g., funds availability, order validation) and to Back-Office systems for true end-to-end STP,
  • seamlessly integrate with clients’ holdings, and
  • implement "industry best practices" to better adhere to ever-changing compliance and regulatory requirements.
The Client Investor Portal incorporates retail-friendly graphics and search tools. Broker Dealer customers use this web-based tool for new client solicitations as well as to serve existing clients with timely market color. Optional functionality--beyond view only--includes implementing full order entry and execution routing--again with all of the benefits of full straight through processing (STP).

Trading & Market Data
TMC Bonds' Trader Workstation offers live and executable access to two-sided markets for all taxable and tax-exempt securities. Commingled content from hundreds of buy-side and sell-side firms is available intraday that can approach 210,000 two-sided line items exceeding $100 billion par value.  The Trader Workstation serves traders, sales liaisons, compliance/supervisory staff as well as buy-side portfolio managers and analysts. The Trader Workstation avails users of a number of specialty modules including:
  • Best of breed Third Party Sources (MMD, MMA, TKG, YieldBook)
  • Intraday best execution, trade surveillance & compliance reports
  • Municipal bond insurance
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Proprietary TMC Bonds trader insights
  • Real-time, intraday and historical market analytics (leveraging EMMA, MSRB, and TRACE)
  • Secondary and New Issue/Syndicate offerings
  • IMS+ Inventory Management application including full Trader P&L and Risk modules
  • IdeaStream (decision support "push" based analytical tool)
  • Municipal Auto-bidding Service (invitation only)

Unlike our main competitors, TMC Bonds does not charge for the base Trader Workstation—reinforcing our need to have the broadest possible inventory with actionable prices. Otherwise, we do not get compensated! As such, TMC Bonds is aligned with our clients' needs.

Trade Aways—an additional distinguishing characteristic of the TMC Bonds platform is the ability for clients’ traders to select alternative venues for trade executions routed from our Advisor Workstation and Client Investor Portal orders. Should TMC Bonds’ marketplace not have the best price, firms can seamlessly trade-away. Thus, TMC Bonds is not a captive platform and helps our clients meet their best execution and fair & reasonable regulatory requirements.  Order entered "away" include indentifiers so that back-office clearing as well as recording of data for post-trade analysis is available.  Overall, TMC Bonds' platform is not a closed system.

TMC Bonds also offers Market Data feeds via application programming interfaces (API) covering bids, offers, and bids wanted. APIs can be enabled for all products or a subset (e.g., Corporate bonds only). TMC Bonds can work with your internal IT department, or selective third party vendors to implement and test the market data feeds.

News & Events
  • 3.21.2018  Bond Buyer & BDA's National Municipal Bond Summit (Miami, FL)
  • 2.28.2018  Colorado Municipal Bond Club 2018 Outing (Vail, CO)
  • 2.01.2018  South Florida Bond Trading Association's 2018 Conference (Boca Raton, FL)
  • 1.31.2018  Bond Buyer's National Outlook Conference (New York, NY)
  • 1.23.2018  Tabb Group's Fixed Income 2018 (New York, NY)
  • 12.06.2017  Bond Buyer's 16th Annual Deal of the Year Awards (New York, NY)
  • 11.08.2017  Markets Media's Fixed Income Trading Town Hall Forum (New York, NY)